Gran Turismo 4 runs solid 60fps, still feels choppy at times
Hey guys, just joined this forum and I hope I won't cause a lot of trouble for the administrators.
Now to the issue, I'm trying to play Gran Turismo 4 on the latest build I've found on the site and runs at 60fps constantly and my PC is at 50% capacity still. The problem is the game feels choppy at times, even though the framerate stays at 60. I've tried changing settings and plugins, even builds but nothing worked, I hope someone on this forum will be able to give me a hand because I love this game and put many hours on it on my own PS2 machine.

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The emulator is emulating the PS2 hardware speed so if you are getting slowdowns on the real hardware(not caused by slow read speed)you will also get those slowdowns on pcsx2 too.

For example on Shining Force Neo while fighting a lot of enemys on the screen,the speed goes down(the internal speed)on the PS2 and also on pcsx2 even tho I can run the game at above 60fps
The only fix for this is the same way as with PC...overclocking

In the speed hacks increase the EE clock and that will give more power to the emulated emotion engine of the PS2.
Keep in mind that doing this,you will also increase the requirements to run the game at full speed.

And also know that this is a hack so problems can be expected
On my console it runs really smooth, even though it's the PAL version, it freaks me out how smooth it can run. I also remember having a worse PC than now and it could run smooth still but on lower settings.
This problem makes the game almost unplayable for me, I have kind of an OCD for these things.
Are you using any non default settings?
What is your PC(cpu\gpu)
Tried +1 on the speedhack sliders too, same thing
I'll give a screenshot of the settings in a bit.
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#7 The Video GS settings.
Other than these I've the clamping modes to full and extra and now the speedhacks on 0, with MTVU checked.
what do the ee% & gs% say when it's choppy ?
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I think they were not at 100 percent, can't really test it at the moment but I'll come back with the info.
Have you tried using OpenGL? It gives optimal performance in NVidia cards.
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