Gran Turismo 4 save
My progres in(GT4) game is 11% and now i everywhere in game i have this "A differen memory card(PS2) has been inserted. Insert a memory card(PS2) containing the correct game data into memory card slot 1. Do you wish to retry?"
What i can do now? PS. Sorry for my EnglishTongue

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Which pcsx2 version do you use?
I had this problem, that's because u did a savestate then loaded it and bought a car or something, if you have only 1 car in the garage then go and save it, if you have more cars the garage will be deleted so you have to restart the game probably, if you have just 1 car that's good, press cancel on it and then it will say do you want to delete the memory card save, go yes and so on.
So i must stay with one car and safe progress or lost all?;/ I am use Pcsx2 1.0.0 . But thanks vladdz.
Yeah with one car then re-buy them all. or just start the game again, my luck was that i only had 1 car when i descovered the problem. Laugh
I have same problem two times:/ Fck! Now i don't know why;( Older save have this problem too;/
As long as you keep using savestates you will see this problem reoccurring. That's why I never use savestates for this game.
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So how i can save?
Using memcard only.
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