Gran Turismo 4 - strange issue
Hi All!
After 2 days of fighting with GT4 the game runs good but...

I'm using latest plugins, cpu with sse3 etc. everything works good, high frame rates (sometimes more than 100fps), no graphics bugs.

But there is one thing ... I tried everything, settings, speed hacks etc. and when I'm in a race every 1 second in lap timer and in game takes 2-3 seconds of realtime. Frame rate is still very high.

Results are mega slow racing like racing on turtle in slow motion Smile
To be clear. For example 60 second lap takes 2-3 minutes of playing.
It;s drives me little crazy Smile

Second thing is well known "brightnes 0" any new and good news about it?

my specs:

Win XP 64 bit
8 GB of ram
Geforce 8800 GS 512MB
Intel Quad Q6600


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Reduce VU cycle stealing. When using much of it (also EE cycle rate) it can make the game run slower and show higher fps. Depends on the game.
Thank You, unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Speed hacks only changing framerates but slow motion action still exists.
That's because your CPU/GPU just can't make it run any faster. Speed hacks may make it actually run faster to some degree, but there's a limit to that too, and apparently you've hit it. I guess you best chance now is to overclock. To fully play GT4 (races and everything) on PCSX2 requires a really fast CPU (dual core at least, preferably towards 4GHz clock). With less than that you're gonna get slow downs at some scenarios at least.

Something I've found out about Poliphony games (GT3/4/TT) is that checking "Allow 8-bits textures" on GSdx can give noticeable improvement if you don't have a really top-end GPU. At least it does for me, and I'm with GTX260. You should definitely try it yourself too, if you haven't already.
8 bit textures doesn;t change game dynamics. Maybe You are right about my machine specs.
Thank You !

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