Gran Turismo 4 stuck at disclaimer, the correct pnatch doesn't work
My first post here, and i just want to say i'm astonished by pcsx2's team work and patience on their noble project.

this is my situation: my PS2's cd/dvd reading abilities are dead, can't use it anymore, so i have no choice but to play on PC.

I have Gran Turismo 4 pal crc:0086E35B
there is no pnatch for that crc in patches folder, but on some other forum i saw someone wrote he renamed pnatch 44A61C8F.pnatch into 0086E35B.pnatch and it worked for him, so i did the same thing.
i start the game with file->run CD/DVD, the disclaimer screen apperas normally and just stays there forever.

console says "XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnatch...
gametitle Gran Turismo 4 [SCES 54719] <E> [44A61C8F] /"this data is not correct, but is i believe irrelevant to proper working of pnatch file because "patch:" line is the same in every single pnatch for gt4 i have found apart from the last number 1, and i tried both options"/
patchnumber: 1
PAL Display Mode Initialized.
Framelimiter rate uploadad...50fps"

i have done apsolutely everything in my power to make this work, searched every single forum i could find about this and nothing helped. only thing i wasn't able to do is make my own pnatch with Phaste 1.20 because snap PCSX2 doesn't work (i'm guessing windows 7 issue?)
if somebody knows what else might be wrong, please help, i'm getting desperate about this

core2duo 2.93 (supports SSE4.1)
radeon HD 4830 512mb
4gb ram
windows 7 professional

P.S. i'm running from the original dvd, so it's not an ISO problem, and i've tried every single combination about speed hack options none worked so far


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...first, create ISO file form that DVD, ...after that, there is one big thread about GT4, ...third, PAL version is known to have mayor bugs!

Try creating a ISO, & use LinuzCDVD plugin, & see settings in that GT4 thread...

AMD FX-8350
4x 4GB DDR3 2400MHz
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
ISO didn't work, as did nothing from any other thread (tried that a million times this week ^^), but a friend of mine has NTSC version so i hope that will work, then we can simply switch our DVDs
didn't know pal version was problematic, this got my hopes up ty Laugh

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