Gran turismo 3 cheats
I'm trying to get some codes for GT3 working.

I can't seem to get two particular cheats working. from codetwinks the codes for them are thus:

All Licenses-Gold Trophies
4ABD86C1 C4E0E5A9
0A23080D 00000000

Max Money
2AC3B793 D4A50FFF
2ACFB793 000000E8

I always have trouble decrypting codes for use with PCSX2. Is this in raw format or do i need to make it raw format? If someone can convert these and provide the pnach file i need...that would be good. I tried using omniconvert but the codes did not work when i tried to convert it.  Can anyone decrypt the codes for this one so I can make use of it?


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