Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is Very slow
I have recently got pcsx2 and I think its amazing however the only game that I REALLY wanted to play was GTA Liberty City Stories but I can't, the game runs really really slow its like 20fps and in like slow motion which very surprising because of my system specs is there any help out there or am I stuck with it like that.
i5 2500k 3.30ghz
Radeon 7850 2GB Graphics Card
1tb HDD

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checking our last test result, Shadow Lady said this

Quote: Fast but not full speed with "allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx.

Setting the NTSC framerate to 40FPS instead of 59.94 keeps it really smooth and full speed

so id tick that 8-bit textures box and alter that framerate under Config->Emulator Settings->GS Smile

you might also want to try the MTVU speedhack, see if that helps any.
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