**Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Double Texture Issue**

I am running on Macbook Pro M1. GTA San Andreas runs fairly well, however there seems to be a really annoying Double Texture issue which can not be fixed on the Mac version as there are know options to fix it, whereas the windows version does. Please may you provide an update to address the Double Texture problem for this game. Every time I increase the resolution, the double texture becomes more worse. 
Please see attached 

Many thanks 

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The Mac version has the same options as the Windows version. I don't have this game, but if you're talking about this in the wiki: "The game utilizes a bloom layer that also doubles as a haze/fog dof which is meant to protrude outwards of any buildings/trees/etc that you see. It's entirely intentional by design but when upscaling it really looks off to people playing this game," then the suggested solution is "My recommendation is to set the Skipdraw hack to 7,7 to remove this effect entirely and compensate for the minor loss of brightness/saturation through the use of the Shadeboost post-process." So just do that.

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