Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories, Character Model Ghosting when Upscaled!
If anyone wouldn't mind pointing me out to upscale hacks that could fix this. Which option would fix this kind of an issue ? I tried Texture offset, that just make it worse and makes the ghosting move more to the right. If you have an idea of what might fix it , would be apricated. Thank you.

***PCSX2 version:***
(v1.5.0 dev 3415)

***PCSX2 options:***
Upscaling the game causes the issue

***Plugins used:***
Same on everything that upscales as far as i am aware

***Description of the issue:***
Issue is there is slight ghosting on the character model

***How to reproduce the issue:***
Upscale the Internal Resolution

***PC specifications:***
2070 Super, i9 9900k OS: Windows 10 64 Bit

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Since you asked I will share my TC Offset values for GTA VCS. I did extensive testing to arrive at these values and they make a big improvement to the Ghosting issues when upscaled at least for me :

TC Offset X : 15

TC Offset Y : 250

These were tested with VCS upscaled 4x. Please let me know if these values improve the situation for you.

(Correction : Was tested with an Internal Resolution of 4x Native, not 3x)

Other settings I use for VCS : 

Renderer : OpenGL Hardware

Anisotropic Filtering : 8x

CRC Hack Level : Partial
It seems that I have found a youtube channel who is using both my TC Offset hacks and my 60 FPS code in his gameplay of Vice City Stories running on PCSX2.

The youtube member hasn't credited my codes or anything (nor does he have to) but I can tell just by watching his gameplay videos of it running on PCSX2 that he is using my 60 FPS value and the TC offset hacks. It's so satisfying though to see my codes in actions on somebody else's channel running VCS on PCSX2.

His gameplay videos with my codes look so good I am tempted to share the youtube channel just to show you how GTA VCS runs with my codes. Seeing VCS run with no ghosting upscaled and close to 60 FPS is a beautiful thing, and I'm happy to be able to make such an improvement to this game. Now everybody can go back in time and play GTA VCS with smoothness and texture clarity like never before!

i have the same issue but the settings from planetps2 dosnt help. Does anyone have an idea? with this ghosting the game is unplayable.
I think the texture offset might help, but i cant insert negative numbers to this field. with positiv numbers the ghosting is getting bigger
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