Grand Theft Auto Vice City v1.1 (NTSC) 60 FPS
Hey everybody hope your all doing fairly well.

I have a question for you guys regarding Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Several months ago I started writing .pnatch files for all my PS2 games and I've been able to remove the internal 30 FPS limit from nearly all of them allowing most of my PS2 games to run internally at 60 FPS instead of 30.

However when I did Grand Theft Auto Vice City I noticed that the 60 FPS code you guys have here on the forum doesn't seem to work with my version even though everything matches up in the PCSX2 console window. I know there's nothing wrong with your code however it does not work for v1.1 of the game. The code you guys have is either for v1.0 or v1.2 of the game.

So I was wondering if anyone knows or can figure out the correct code for v1.1 of the game? I really hope you guys can help. I've got my niece coming in for Easter and she loves that game and I would love nothing more than to get it running internally at 60 FPS for her instead of 30.

Thanks in advance guys for taking the time to read this I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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If you wrote 60FPS patches for your other games then it sounds like you shouldn't have a problem making one for your copy of Vice City no? Just find whatever address you need in Cheat Engine or whatever program you are using.

As a side note, it would be nice of you to post your other patches somewhere in the forums for other users to enjoy Wink
Thanks for all your wonderful help on this issue I guess I will do it myself as usual. This forum is ridiculous and I've known that for a long time which is why I don't recommend this website really to anyone. Especially those who need help which 9 times out of 10 you guys fail to provide according to the people I've spoken to and helped.

Also I would love nothing more than to share my patches with everyone but the versions of PCSX2 you guys release be it stable builds or otherwise tend to under perform on most computers so I only share my patches with people who are running custom versions of PCSX2 that are optimized better. Which unfortunately is something the PCSX2 team has yet to learn without requiring ridiculously high STP values which are out of reach for most consumers. That's basically why PCSX2 sucks unless you modify it. I hope one day you guys learn until then I'm gonna go figure out how to get Grand Theft Auto Vice City v1.1 running internally at 60 FPS on my optimized version of PCSX2.

Have a nice day and thanks again for all the help or lack there of. Take care. LOCK THE THREAD PLEASE!!!
Well if you look above the previous post, you'll see that an attempt was made to help you with your problem (which I had hoped you would expand further on in your post reply) Since you don't care about any of the advice I gave you, I'll just lock the thread like you asked.

Hopefully your attitude towards others who are trying to help you can lighten up in the future.

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