Grandia 2 in-battle graphics tearing
Hello, I recently updated to the most recent PCSX so that I could try to play Grandia Xtreme because the graphics didn't work properly with my old PCSX version.
Well, it seems to have worked, but none of my old saves worked.. so while I was waiting for my friend to give me a patch for his Hardtype hack of Xtreme, I restarted on Grandia II. Everything seems to be working fine, until I got into a battle. Once in battle, the floor seems to do some graphical tearing, becoming gray in certain spots that are close to the camera. I've fiddled with the settings quite a bit in various places as well as hitting f9 to enable software mode I believe it is, nothing I've done seems to correct the issue.

In the attachments I've included a screenshot of the issue, as well as some screenshots of my graphical settings. I tried looking over the forum for some help as well, but some of the links (like gpureview) no longer seem to be working. Could anyone give me some assistance please? Thank you in advance.

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download the top one, extract it somewhere like your desktop, and run the exe
[Image: HkgHT5k.gif]

(12-03-2020, 08:16 AM)Kojin Wrote:

download the top one, extract it somewhere like your desktop, and run the exe

This triggered my antivirus..
get a real antivirus.
this is called a false positive
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Well I went ahead and gave it permission, it seems to be working fine. Thank you again.

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