Grandia 3 NTSC Problem
Hello PCSX2 Community

I downloaded the PCSX2 Emulator today to play Grandia 3 again.
I Configured everything like it´s told in the Tutorial but after the Playstation 2 Logo appears I´m only seeing an black screen with no sounds or anything.
I don´t know where the Problem is. Maybe someone can help me my System is an ASUS EM78 Mainboard, an GeForce GTX 260, an AMD 64x2 6000+ and I have 4 GB Ram DDR 2 with 800 MhZ.

Please help me I wanna play this wonderful game again.

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I don`t know what problem do you have. For me from the uniting of PCSX2 team and PG Team Grandia 3 runs perfect, but still freezes at the end of FMV`s. Not cutscenes - FMVS. You`ll recognize them since they are with no slowdowns. But you can skip them with SELECT button.
So just - try newest rev.
this is not the support section, this is for posting bugs in games. moving.
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