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Grandia 3 - playable?
Okay, but i don't need school courses, i have more clear idea! please: write name of game which run on for example: E7400 CPU, at full speed 60FPS and i buy this game in shop, i can lose money only for "true" no matter if this game even have cost: 200$ Wink

i still believe what my CPU can do this Smile

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(11-29-2009, 07:21 PM)Shadow 745 Wrote: Hehehe... but my CPU by default have Speed 3015Mhz per core, if all two cores used then 6030Mhz
I can't overclock CPU more than 3200Mhz Smile

ouu... sorry if this message not for me Laugh

By the way we have these problems with speed on AMD CPU's

Not, it wasn't for you, it was for the person who start the thread. You are hijicking the post >_<
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I'm not saying that mine isn't fully playable yall. If you had read my post in here mine is a completely different issue. I just added it in here for the sake of not starting a new thread and getting flamed for it. As I said my issue is that once the scene where the main character gets the flight module takes it back to Rotts and then leaves on his flight across the world the game just hangs at a black screen after Miranda shows her mug in the back seat of the plane and it looks like the plane is crashing or about to crash. Once that scene ends it just goes to a black screen and stays there without moving on to the next part of the game or anything. Is there something i need to do ahead of time? Or as i stated did i just get a bad iso?
(11-29-2009, 07:05 PM)Butz_san Wrote: Last time I checked this game it was fully playable at solid 60fps Smile. Just overclock your processor until 3Ghz or 2.9 Smile

If this is true I might try it out. When you say solid 60fps do you mean 100% of the time at that speed or just usually?

EDIT: I've tried it out now and it was running great for me. After getting to like the second FMV (where he does his first flight) it stops halfway through and just sort of sits there as the screen goes black.
Ok my advice? enable "skip scene" in the game, it's at the options on the "new game/load" screen or should be there on the ingame options. Then when watching a cutscene make a save state and if it happens to crash later just load state and skip it. This method is what I used to do before, the crashes on movies dont happen anymore here for some reason.
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to me i can see some scenes another times i have to skip but that isnt my problem.My problem is i play like 30 min and the game crashes in a middle of a battle or when im walking.The emulator keeps saying not responding.Anyone knows how to resolve that problem?
Been running Grandia III on Rev4075 and seems that even with speedhacks during cutscenes the emulator never uses more than 40% of my CPU and 30% of my gpu which makes the cutscenes drop to 20-25 fps. 50-60 fps everywhere else with a couple exceptions.


CPU: [email protected] ghz
GPU: HD4850

gsdx10 hardware
3x ee speedhack and
intc spin hacks the only ones on.

have scaling at 4x but even at 1x it doesnt seem to make any difference. Any suggestions?

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