Grandia 3 slow during play + other glitches
OK, I'll start with my system specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 B55 at 3.30ghz
4GB of RAM
nVidia geforce GTX 460 SE (1024 DDR5)
Monitor Res at 1920x1200

I can play Final Fantasy X and X-2 at full res with 16x AA, D3D 11 and all that at 55-60FPS constant, no hitches whatsoever. Now I am trying to play Grandia 3 for the first time and it has many places where it slows down. The videos play perfect but when I am in some areas, like the village you first start at I get ~48FPS. And during the cut scenes where the characters are talking (not the pre rendered video) I get like ~18FPS unless I turn the res to native. Also, there are weird glowing lines on all the character's bodies and faces during these scenes. When there is just one character on the screen the cut scene runs at 60fps, but when there is more than one it slows to about 40. It just fluctuates so much it's driving me crazy. I have a real ps2 but I don't really want to play on it because it looks so much better on my computer. Looks like I might have to though.

P.S. I have clicked every setting there is and I can't seem to fix it.

Piston Legs

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PCSX2 settings? plugin settings? What do the EE/GS% numbers in game window say when you get slowdowns?
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3.30Ghz is almost enough for grandia3
try set back to 1024x1024 in the Gsdx settings.

based on my observation in my desktop specs:
*r4600[Enable INTC,Vu Flag Hack]
-Field-53~61fps(Cinematic FPS)
-Battle-64fps(Vmax FPS)
*r4875(SVN)[Enable INTC,MTVU,Vu Flag Hack]
-Field-64fps(Cinematic FPS)
-Battle-64fps(Vmax FPS)

about glitches i didn't seen one us your screenshot of your glitch.
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Thanks for the replies guys. If I have to set the game to lower res then I'll just play on a real ps2 and avoid any other problems. I wanted it to work on my PC because it looks worlds better. Also, like I said, I've tweaked every setting I can find and can't get a single FPS more. Even when I set it to native res and all that. I thought maybe someone knew of a patch or different plugin or something that could fix it but that doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well. Thanks for trying.

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Again, PCSX2 version and settings? Also what does your EE and GS % read during the slowdowns?

(edit) It's important to know those because it will tell us what's causing the slowdown and whether the latest SVN builds may be able to help.
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