Grandia 3 slowness problems
Duno who can help but got the game Grandia 3.

It plays cinematic lovely and smooth and some of the start where there is no person on screen is okish, but as soon as ppl are on like at start when the lass is walking in the countryside it goes about 28 fps and the sound goes sluggish.

When she gets to the house sometimes when its just her and not a wide angle shot its got to 50fps.

I wouldn't mind some help getting this to play in all instances smooth and non sluggish sound.

I'm using:-

Xp pro sp3 computer, x1950pro 512mb agp 8.12 drivers (optimal performance mode), 2gb ram, x2 3800+ oc to 2.6 ghz.

Using these settings and version.
[see attachment image]

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Try setting speed hacks to "speed" and see if it works. If it doesn't, disable one at a time to find out which ones are the culprit and re-enable the rest. Also, try setting the round modes to chop/zero (in Advanced options) and see if these work too. Finally, see if you can get VU-Skip to work in CPU options.

I think Gradia 3 was one of these games that saw benefit from DirectX 10, although I could be wrong. But you'd need Vista and a Dx10 video card for that.
Vu skip makes the game jumpy and glitchy gfx.

Flag settings helped by 1 fps in certain situations. Tho still just 27fps when close up walk by a house scene.

chopzero stuff didnt help.

Thx for trying to help mate. Smile
Even on the rig in my sig, I can get slowdowns on it. Yours is significantly weaker(I'm not trying to brag as most people say when I make such statements, just to stay this first of all)

If my rig can get slowdowns(37-47FPS in some cutscenes) then yours surely will not be getting full speed. a 2.6GHZ Athlon X2 is really weak for PCSX2. I managed to get good speed by using DX10, 1024 x 1024, DaZ enabled + Flush to Zero, and the "Speed" settings in the latest PP builds. VU skip is pretty buggy in the betas for me also. Latest GSdx is pretty good also, but it does slow the game down somewhat(not sure why)
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Its the video card.
In gsdx tick the native resolution checkbox and you'll see a big speed increase.
Of course it looks ugly then Tongue2
Reduced native res of textures to 512 from 1024 and yep it was alot better. Hmm so is there no way to fix this so its better at the higher res texture res? I mean my cards not that bad surely.
The scenes look simple, but are hard to emulate fast.
So no, nothing short of an upgrade will get you what you want Tongue2
Your GPU is ok for regular use, but for pcsx2 is not. Just buy a budget GPU which can do the job.

Although, even if u upgrade ur GPU, the game will still be slow for u, even my C2D @3.6GHz got massive slowdowns in intense areas. I believe that it went down to 65 FPS where and I usually get 80+ FPS in most of the game.

btw : It is my first post on the new forum, yay for me.
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65 frames aint slow tho its still smooth. Anything over 60 is smooth and if i had that i wouldnt be complaining. Not that im really complaining just disapointed.
Grandia 3 GPU dependable in all cutscenes. For example in 1st cutscene my GPU load at 100%, during battle or just walking on the map GPU load - 50-60% in 1280*1024 res. You can speed up fps in all cutscenes by selected native resolution, but this is nothing to do in game or during battle, also dont forget turn on all speed hack. With all speedhacks i got 40-60fps in game and 20-30 fps in cutscenes ( 1280*1024 res).
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