Grandia II high pitched soundbug
First of all i want to thank the pcsx2-team for their great services and support ( keep up the good work Happy)

The game itself runs pretty good on constant 60 fps even without any hacks on, aside the still persisting grey floor problem, but there is a grave problem within the sound department: scratching noises on the battlefield.

For example: whenever Roan gets hit instead of a grunt you get a high pitched screetching noise that scared the hell out of me the first time i heared it. I thought it was a minor bug an played on but after Mareg joins you, the game is nearly unplayable as Maregs footsteps each create a high pitched screetching noise which bangs your head like a clown in front of you Sad .

I already tried the methods which solved the sound bugs in Grandia III as the problems where quite similar, but the problem still perstists (though the problem with the echoing sounds was resolved by disabling effects processing in SPU2-X)

i`m using the latest pcsx 0.9.8 plugins as of september with the
SPU2-X 2.0.0 r4872 sound plugin.

Anyone some ideas what to do?

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You can try using Async Mix as the synchronizing mode. It may fix your sound problem but you will have sound skipping in fmvs.
If that doesn't work please post your SPU2-X plugin settings.
Try older versions of SPU2-X or ZeroSPU2
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Thanks for the quick replies so far. I solved the problem, it seems that the sound plugin was faulty from the beginning. I just downloaded the same soundplugin again and the problem vanished. Too bad the same trick did not work for Gsdx as the minor grapficglitches are still present.

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