Grandia Xtreme
Hi. I'm Janoosen and new here.

Grandia Xtreme is one of my favorite games and I recently got a sudden urge to play it again, but alas my PS2 is broken so I picked up the game and decided to try my luck with an emulator.

I've emulated games before, but this is one I can't figure out.

And before anyone asks...I've searched around, but didn't find any useful information besides recommending GSdx 0.1.7 which did not work. All it did was simply speed up the game by 2 or 3 times, which I couldn't fix no matter how much I fiddled with the settings. So if you have any tips on settings that might work, do tell.

But my question is, which version (any tips on where I could find them is appreciated too, as I've had extreme difficulty finding specific versions people have suggested before) and plugins does it work best on? I'm currently using r3878 which I've found works rather well with most games, except Grandia Xtreme.

The only GSdx plugin I've found that works at a decent speed is 0.1.16 gsdx-ssse3-r3878, albeit with the very bad side effect of constant flickering which gives me immense headaches.

Anyway, any help at all would be appreciated. If you need my specs for some reason, they're in my signature.

Thanks in advance.

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The latest official release (stable) can be download right here on this site, in the Downloads section.

You can also download recent SVNs that are pre-compiled for you from Orphis' build bot

Any older SVNs must be compiled by you, and can be done from the GoogleCode - PCSX2 Project page.
PCSX2 0.9.8 and GSdx 0.1.7 works fine here for that game.
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