Grann turismo 4: can't play Pro WC & extreme

First of all, thanks for this emu, I don't have to plug my PS2 to play a single game.

I have A; B; i-B and i-A driving licenses.
I've won several special conditions races, some Euro, Jap ans US events, as well as all beginner level races. In pro events, I have won all single races and all championships except the World Championship. During the 70's car champ (pro events), I had two 2nd places but still won overall. I re-raced these two races and won them.

Here are my issues:
Although I have won every single race up to the World Championship, I can not play it with any of my production cars. The game keeps on telling "you need to win all beginner and professionnal events first to participate in this event".

Because of that, I won't be allowed to race extreme events.

Any idea ?

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Make sure you won every single beginner and professional race. not just the series. Remember, bronze trophies can look a lot like gold ones. Wink
Solved, I'm a muppet. I had won all single races in the Pro tuning champ, but hadn't taken part in the championship itself.
Now I'm facing LM racing cars, and I need something better than my 916hp Racing Camaro LM...

Thanks !

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