Graphic Artefacts on FFX [screens]
Hello everyone !

First allow me to thanks the PCSX team for their amazing work on this emulator, it's awesome to be able to play my PS2 games in HD, especially now thah my ps2 dvd player has died a few weeks ago !

After a few hours reading the forums and the technical topics i'm able to make most of my games run well, although quite slow for some (Soul calibur 3 and God of war II run around 40fps on my core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz, not really playable), but i have some techical artefacts on Final Fantasy X that I can't get rid of.

Here are some examples:

[Image: th15014929231a523e9fb0ca4fffebb154e41.jpg]

[Image: th15014930e5905b271d94d863a6bfe4e0aa1.jpg]

Tidus' hair looks pretty bad, and there is also a doubling effect sometimes as you can see on the first screenshot...

Is this normal or is this due to my configuration and settings ? Here is my configuration:
core 2 Duo E8400
Radeon 4850

Gsdx 1873 SSE4.1 in DX10 mode (but it's the same with older version)

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Bluring (picture doubling) is desired effect from game developers. It's look pretty on TV, but on monitor it's lead to picture doubling (I saw lot of this in PS3 games recently).
Tidus's hair was recently fixed in the SVN, you can compile it yourself or find a recent build on google (r2818+) but you won't get support with either on the forums.

You could also just untick VU1rec in CPU options in your current PCSX2 but that'll be too slow.
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Thx for the tips guys !

Indeed unticking VU1rec makes the emulation so slow I can't even get to the menu screen, i'll try a more recent build to fix it !

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