Graphic Bugs with Crash Twinsanity!
I have some weird Graphic Bugs while playing Crash Twinsanity! At first, the graphics look horrible when using any Software Renderer, so I'm only using Hardware Renderer.
But it seems, that even the graphics are much cleaner and sharper with this, there are these weird vertical bars in the background! How do I remove them?!
I've tried to change the Hardware Renderer from Direct 3D11 to OpenGL which seems to help, but the graphics are still not perfect enough...

When using OpenGL (Hardware) there is still one small line to see as in the first picture and it keeps expanding as you can see in the third picture.
No matter what options I choose, I still have these weird graphic bugs more or less, but they are never completly gone as of yet. Please help me!

I'm using Windows 7 (x64) as well as version 1.4.0 of PCSX2 with the Europe 2.00 BIOS.
My CPU is an Intel Core i7 4770K and my GPU is a Nvidia GTX 770.

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