Graphic Hotkeys
Hi everyone !

PcsX2 is a VERY GREAT emulator, great, great, great !!!

One question.

I have noticed that for these hotkeys there is not a screen indicator to verify the set that you have choosen:

F5: Switch deinterlacing modes.

F7: Switch TV Shaders.

F9: Switch between Hardware and Software mode

F10: Enable/disable logging

Insert(Software mode): Turn/Off mipmapping

Delete(Software mode): Turn On/Off Edge Anti-Aliasing

Home: Turn/Off external FX Shader

Page Up: Turn/Off FXAA

Page down: Cycles through dithering modes (Only works in hardware renderers for some games).

How can I have an indicator on screen for these choises ?

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UP UP Biggrin
I agree it should indicate that

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