Graphic Problem
Hi all.
This is my first time using PCSX2, it is soo great I want to thank you for your great program Smile

But I have one small problem, some games work perfect, but some the graphic gets messed up. Some games I press f9 and the problem is gone but it makes the graphics really bad and hard to see. I load my games by putting the plugin option and then booting from CD-DVD (I use discs to play my ps2 games).

Here is an example of my problem, game : F1 2003 (my favorite racing game Laugh)

[Image: 2akk5yo.png]
edit : if u want my specs they are -
i5 2500k
4gb ram

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yeah... running games directly from the DVD drive isn't good, so you have to use imgburn to mount them in .iso format.. (did that make any sense?)
[Image: PCSX2giorgakis132-2.png]

Thanks Silver112 for the sig! ^^


I love violins Tongue

It makes sense however I have no clue how to do so Tongue2
go there
download & install

then follow imgburn's instructions. Very easy to do, even a kid could ... Smile
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First off, welcome to the forums. Smile

I'd like you to know right away--
Results and problems will always vary between games.
Mentioning each and every games name giving you trouble would help.

Some games will only run properly with a software renderer. (pressing F9)
It looks kinda worse because it's always at native internal resolution.
You can try a recent PCSX2 SVN build,
and toggle FXAA with PageUp when in-game.
Playing with a smaller game window always helps, IMO.

Making an image file (.ISO) with ImgBurn is very, very easy.

Just install the program,
put the game disc in,
and select ImgBurn from the Auto-run menu (or just run it).

The menu of ImgBurn is very straight-forward.

You could also give a try to some GSdx hacks.
They're easier to access with recent SVNs,
and would be found in the GS plugin Settings.

Maybe give the Skipdraw hack a try.
Try it at 1, 2, then 3.
It will begin removing some graphic layers as you increase it,
and hopefully it will just be the troublesome one(s),
and not some you need to play. Laugh
OK this is like a new language, I already started making an iso image with daemon tools, if that's the wrong program and won't work I will use imgburn instead
do u know how to convert a mdx file into an iso?
Use the game discs, dude.... :|
Okay, I've ran it from an ISO file but this has not fixed the problem :/
I typed up a pretty good sized post for you.
You should probably scroll up and read it. ;P

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