Graphic bug with D3d Hardware | Super Trucks Racing
Hi all (bad english)

For the game : Super Trucks Racing SLUS-20748

[Image: 120907031354890598.png]

On Direct3d 9/10/11 Software, the game run well. On Direct3d 9/10/11 , the half down screen bug. Also I can't see the entire track (far)*

*To see the entire track : Enable HW hacks / activate skipdraw=1 or more

I'm running with Pcsx2 1.0.0, speedhack off. I've
try on/off some value under Render setting.
Windows 7 x64 | core i5 | Nvidia 560 Ti + Driver 301.42

What's wrong ? Can it be fix ?

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Software mode have less glitches. Tongue2 Also, whats your GSDX Settings?
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Actually i've found how to see the entire track (Enable HW hacks / activate skipdraw=1 or more), but always the half screen bug (Google traduction : images overlap and do not disappear)

[Image: 120907064256792783.png]

[Image: 120907064357152654.png]
for the not being able to see whole track(far) bug it looks like some fog effect is screwed up.
also this half-screen bug appears in hw mode in other games too, and from what i know they need some specific hacks to get it to display properly.
i've try some other game without specific setting, i've not this half-screen bug

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