Graphic error on Network screen
Hello people, i need help to fix this screen, ok...i try create/edit the network profile to connect Xlink Kai or DNS, but the network config screen has glitched and difficultly put the valors, i know how move in this screen because i´m study how works but this is not easy. I try change the video plugin, BIOS, and nothing works so...this is a emulator issue, but i cant understand how some youtbuers get this screen and they see clearfully without bugs o anything. If you help me....thanks!

Here is the log from emulator console,only repeat this:

CLR_DEV9WackoMAP Error: 4 : Delay recive, RXBD Full

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use latest dev build instead ?
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(03-27-2023, 08:13 AM)jesalvein Wrote: use latest dev build instead ?

i try use the ver 1.7.0 but is the same

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