Graphic errors in Sly 2 - Band of Thieves
I am not sure exactly why these errors are happening, however I have tried disabling speedhacks, and running on different renderers, but I have yet been able to completely get rid of these strange errors. It is hard to explain them, so I made a youtube video of it so it is easy to see. These errors occur mainly at the beginning of the video.

All of the relevant settings I used are in the description and comments. I am relatively new to this so any info that you may need just ask me haha.

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Switch to the OpenGL renderer.
(08-20-2017, 05:34 AM)CK1 Wrote: Switch to the OpenGL renderer.

I used it, it works much better now. I am not sure why I never tried this, I tried all of the other options except OpenGL. There is still the occasional glitch, definitely not as many though. It did slow the game down a decent bit further, and made the image a little more blurry, but I suppose that is my hardware, though. Thank you.

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