Graphical Problem
I tried to get an answer in a different thread so I'll post my problem in here.

Here is an image.
[Image: Screen.jpg]

This is what happens when I play. It's hard to see the brighter part of the screen when I play. I'm using the GSdx9 graphics plug-in for the emulator. I tried it with all options off, with the pixel shader on 2.0 and 3.0 and I've done it with all of them on. Then I tested it with the rest of em, two on, one on etc. It stays there.

I tried using the ZeroGS .97.0 but that made the game very slow. It solved the problem but it made it horribly slow. My graphics card is a ATI Radion Mobility 3470 HD. CPU is a intel T8500 duel core 2.0 ghz. Might someone be able to fix my problem?

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What's PCSX2 version, what the game...
9.4 version. It's why I posted in here...
The game is Monster Hunter. I don't think the game has a specific version.
Try 0.9.5svn377. Latest time when I trying it - there was no problems for me.
(01-31-2009, 02:13 PM)Kein Wrote: Try 0.9.5svn377. Latest time when I trying it - there was no problems for me.

There aren't any problems with version .9.4. I already said the problem was the graphic card plug-in. I don't want to download the new emulator when it works fine for this.

See, if I switch graphical plug-ins to something like KOSMOS, it works, but is very slow. If I stay with the GSdx9, I get that huge area of brightness across my screen. Switching emulators might work, but I have to go through the configuration and I probably will loose my save.

Nevermind I fixed it. Thanks for trying to help.

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