Graphical Problems with R&C1(And probably the others too)
I've recently wanted to play some retro games, and the first one that went into my mind was the Ratchet & Clank saga. I've loved that game, but I only had the first and couldn't beat the final boss :/ I wanted to give it a try now that I have time to do it, but my PS2 broke or something, so I remembered that there's emulation for a reason! So I downloaded PCSX2 and after reading some guides about how to set it up, I decided to go ahead and extract the ISO from my R&C disk. The problem is, it won't actually do so; it stops at a certain point and extracts nothing. Now, everyone's gonna get angry 'cause I did this, but I had to: I desperately searched for a game ISO, and I found it; when it was downloaded, I loaded it on the emulator and started it. All seemed good, but then the PS2 logo shows up; while it's showing, it's animation is stuttering. Then the Insomniac logo shows up, but it's all good, apart for the low graphics of it. But then, here's where the real problem starts: The game menu seems to be loading, all the copyright and stuff, buuuut there's some graphical problems happening, here's with what I'm welcomed: [Image: 7SYi9e7.jpg]

As you can see, the background graphics of the garage and stuff aren't the best. Anyway, I try to push "Start" but the menu shows up sloooowly and the sound does so too; all the menu acts like that. Anyway, I try to start the game, and all seems good, the cutscenes are working as supposed and the video doesn't stutter. But when the cutscenes end, the actual game starts: the game is black and there's background audio, veeery slow, and then this shows up:[Image: JR8HT8Z.jpg]

Sometimes I'm lucky and I actually see the whole scene, but still with bad graphics as the image shows. Most of the times I try to start it, it gives a black screen after the scene with ssslllooow background sound. Fun thing is, if I try to so something in game, it does it! But it's slow, and the game is still entirely black; If I try to pause tho, it gives me the pause menu. Other times instead, the game loads, but bad graphics and slow sounds/in-game movements are happening. This is an example of what I get:[Image: ocggUqO.jpg]

Now I'm asking, is there an actual way to fix all of this stuff? Here's my PC specs (It's a laptop from HP, I don't actually know the specs, so I got an HP page, probably in Italian, IDK):

Awaiting a reply soon,

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Start a new thread where you show your game case with your username on top. (to validate that you use a non-downloaded iso)
state the version of pcsx2 you are using and provide the full emulog after you observed the problem.
A general good idea is just to test a fresh install.

Further tips:
- reformat text into readable short precise sentences
- don't ask for soon replies
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