[Graphical Support] Pixelated graphics for no reason
It happened soon after a windows 10 update in like the middle of the year. After so i completely gave up on emulation since i had no idea what to do, the settings were the same, the graphics just changed for no particular reason:

[Image: 808vk8nok9p91.png?width=1599&format=png&...86ae22ded0]

This is what it looks like now, it's beyond frustration, because i was able to make most games look exactly like how they looked on ps2 with these settings, but because of a windows update it just said no to all my hard work.

Does anyone know how i can fix this problem? so i can finally go back to at least playing ps2 games. (It did something similar to emulators, if that is of any help.)

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Try go to "Shader Configuration" and check "Texture Filtering on Display".
[Image: cGzK8nC.gif]

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