Graphical artifacts with 1.1.0
Hey guys. I need to consult someone on an issue im having with pcsx2 1.1.0 here...All the games i launch are experiencing really bad artifacts and speed issues, and im pretty certain ive set everything up right. Am i missing something on the settings side or is my pc not fast enough? I've successfully set up an older version of Pcsx2 but it was quite a long time ago, on vista, with a different computer.

System specs (the rundown)
Win7 64bit
Q6600 quad core processor @ 2.4ghz
Radeon HD 5870
4 gigs DDR2 ram

My graphics driver GSdx SSE4 doesnt work, sadly, i read that that is the one to use for quad core processors, so i selected SSE2 instead. The games play fine through the menus until the game starts.
If you have any probing questions ill answer them and get out of your hair. sorry for the mess.

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Update your GPU-driver:

Your CPU supports SSSE3, so use that.
Have MTVU enabled in "Config"\"Emulation Settings"\"Speedhacks".
Try both HardWare-mode and SoftWare-mode (F9).
good thing we know what games you are trying to play and what settings you have on the pcsx2....oh wait
Rachet and Clank 2 and MX Unleashed are the only ones from my ps2 collection ive ripped so far. The graphics errors are gone, probably because im on the right setting now, so now the only problem is that it's playing at about 1/2 speed.
Software mode will fix your problems with Rachet and Clank 2, but it will probably be slow, you will need to mess with some speedhacks to make it quicker. Also make sure gsdx has the "extra rendering threads" set to 3.

As for MX Unleashed, we will need a screenshot of the problems you are having with that, i don't personally know of any.
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i guess i was wrong about MX unleashed. seems the problem goes away depending on what game mode you are playing, but the gamespeed remains the same, will try your fix in a second.

hope this doesnt break your forum

Edit: found the right speed settings. it runs just about perfectly now except for the big black void centered around the game camera.
Software mode does 2 things: gives a texture to the Black video error, then when i drive away it stays there, so i can roam the rest of the level in peace, but it slows the game down immensely.
unfortunately its probably one of those bugs that cannot be fixed in hardware mode (not without investigation anyway).
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Okami works quite well, so some games just arent compatible with the emulator?
Well, yes, its an emulator, not the ps2 Tongue2
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On top of that that 2.4ghz isnt the best for PCSX2 either you at at least 3ghz on those older CPUs to get decent speed in more games.

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