Graphical issues in Jak II
Hello !

I have graphical issues in Jak II, even though I have a pretty decent PC.
Here is my hardware : 4 GB RAM, HD6770 1 GB, AMD X4 955 3.2Ghz, and I'm running on Windows 7 x64.

I have two choices : Either I play on Software mode, I have decent quality (although the shadows are a totally messed up...) but it's totally unplayable. It shows me that I play with 40-50 FPS (with speedhacks, otherwise I play with 15-20FPS...), but it's totally laggy, I'd say that I actually have like 20 FPS... I know it because I used to play another game with something like 40 FPS and it was perfectly playable.

Or I can play on hardware mode. The game with speedhacks on is fine, I play with 60 FPS (30 FPS max without speedhacks) and it is perfectly fluid. But take a look at this quality :
The cinematics are horrendous : all characters have black globes instead of eyes, and most of the hairs are messed up. And colors are most of the time wrong, like this :
(this "water" is supposed to be brown, and not striped...)

I tried to mess around all the graphical options : nothing is better.
I tried with 2 different PCSX2 builds : r4600 and r5100 : sh#t is the same :/

My DirectX is up to date, as are my GPU drivers. I really don't understand what is wrong, I think my PC could allow me to run this game fine....

Thanks for help ! Or if you could at least find me a fix for the buggy shadows, it would be cool !

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Known issue, the game is just buggy with hardware mode, as you said already software mode is the most compatible but slower mode.

You could try enabling the "Alpha hack" option (GSdx > Hacks subsection in the guide: ) and see if it helps with the shadow problem (would likely just remove them) or you could try using frameskip (shift+f4 while playing) while using software mode to get better speeds but not as smooth gameplay.
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Yeah, I have the exact same issue, playing with the frameskip kinda works, but there's still lots of weird graphical bugs, and I can't get rid of the shadows since the Hacks only work in hardware mode.

I suppose I'll just give up on the game, it's certainly not an enjoyable experience.

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