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Graphical odditeis in Disgaea 2
Hiya, I am new here but I did read the guides and faqs, as well as doing alot of experimenting on my own, before I decided to post here. It really is the last resort ;p.

Basicly I am getting two odd behaviors which are not major, but they are a distraction.

The first is when I open the in-game menu I get extra fuzziness, it seems to be a vertical shake that is very small and very fast. No interlacing, resolution or other graphical settings I have tried affect this.

The second is small horizontal lines that appear above characters sometimes, in backgrounds on certain screens, and there is also a vertical line that I think is related that appears behind the dialogue menu in story episodes.

I have a p4 2 quad, 4gB ram, 8800gt 512mB video card. I am set up to use SSSE3 gsdx, Direct3d Hardware, and weave bbf seems to be the best for my system.

I have tried numerous combinations of settings to remove this two minor problems but I cannot seem to resolve them. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Try using the latest public beta (r1888) and see if that fixes things.

And a P4 is only a single core CPU. I think you mean Core 2 Quad.
Yeah, typo there on the processor.

Thanks for the tip, I downloaded and tried it, but I still get the same behavior.

The odd lines are pretty minor, and I can ignore them. But the menu vibration may give me a headache, and as it is a menu based game I think I will need to solve this.

It almost seems as though there are two different video modes the game uses, but I am really at a loss. No interlacing options get rid of the menu shaking.
Try GSdx software mode and see if that fixes the graphical issues.
No luck there either.

After looking at the display carefully, when I open the in game menu, the image shifts. I think it goes up 2 pixels and left 1, and seems to display both imagas simultanously, which may be what is causing what seems to be a blur effect. I get the same behavior with direct 3d 10 or 9, hardware or software, full screen or window.
use the sse2 gsdx..
play the game using the native resolution and cycle the f5 button until u get an unshaky image..
native resolution sometimes fix this..
if not the try increasing ur resolution..
[Image: 871087.png]

*Mio sees a ghost for the first time*
Mio: Aaaaaaah!! x_x
Seriously, the way she acts, you'd think she grew up with ghosts.
Thanks, I had tried that before, and I tried it again before I posted this to be thorough.

There are several interlace options that render a stable image, but there seems to be three distinct behaviors I am getting. The fist consists of standard game, running around an such, and that is a very clear, almost perfect, image. The second lasts for about half a second when I bring the menu up which is actually clearer than standard, but it then immedietly shifts into the third behavior which is the slight pixel off-set and fuzziness.

There are no changes in the game or the debug menu between the second and third behaviors and I can find no indication of the cause of this shift.
well i don't know how to solve it..
maybe the coder can answer this prob..
my method is increase the internal res to like 800x512 and it eliminates the shaky thing on my laptop..
[Image: 871087.png]

*Mio sees a ghost for the first time*
Mio: Aaaaaaah!! x_x
Seriously, the way she acts, you'd think she grew up with ghosts.
Quite all right lass, I appreciate the attempt. I am sure someone has some insight into this.

I post here because I have a similar problem as Stormy Fairweather.
While I do not have the lines, I experience the same fuzziness as he does, which is indeed headache inducing.

His specs are similar to mine, except I am using a ATI 4850 with 1024MB and SSE2 (using vista, btw).
I tried the suggestions here, but none of them had any effect, the fuzziness appears as soon as I open a menu.
I also tried the last official release, 0.9.6, yet the same fuzziness seems to appear there.

If nothing else this may help to narrow the problem down, maybe? :/

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