Graphical problem in Tales of Destiny 2
Having a problem and I'm hoping someone here can help out. I arrived in Heat River in Tales of Destiny 2, and I can't see a damn thing. My screen in blurry as hell. I'm guessing it's the smoke or haze effects causing the emulator to freak out.. Is there any way to turn them off or are there any video plugins that would help?

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What pcsx2 version? What settings?

Try using a (Software) renderer in GSdx or another plugin like ZZOGL/ZeroGS, also try changing the clamp modes in "config > advanced settings".
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Right, software rendering in GSdx will help.
Thanks for the help. Dirext3d9(Software) cleared it up. It looks like crap and my FPS falls pretty low but it'll work until I get out of the area.

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