Graphical problem in Tales of the Abyss. (Skit/pre-battle)
Whenever I watch a skit or when the screen "breaks" to launch the battle, the background image changes to this:[Image: skit-1.jpg]

Before battle, no biggie. But I can't read the skits and it's a pain. The only other thing I can say is a problem is that during a few scenes, there's tiny shadow of the characters... kinda. Kind of a blur, but more like a double-image faded into the background. Not really worried about that, but any ideas would be nice.

[Image: gsdx.jpg]

That's my graphic settings and it runs at 100%, 99% of the time.

But for the sake of thoroughness:
Intel Core2 Quad 2.66ghz
4g RAM
Geforce 9800GT

On a seemingly unrelated note, notice how the PCSX2 screen is a little up and to the left on my monitor? I can't move it from there. I want that resolution, but just to the side a little. Any ideas on that?

And thanks to anyone that tries to help.

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You should use the new plugin pack (11 March 2010).
There is no more breaking of backgrounds and you can get rid of the ghosting too with scaling.
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[Image: shadow.jpg]

The background on skits is fixed now, but the shadowing is worse. I up the scaling and it gets much worse.
the shadow has always been a pb with ToA. We have to endure it.
I'm using r1888 and march '10 plugins with the scaling on, the shadow issue is still there but everything else runs perfect on this game. very playable.
Everything is still very playable, more so than before. I was just hoping that there was something that got fixed in the newest updates that'd let us play in higher resolutions without the wonky bloom. Oh well...
May I ask which sound plugin and what settings you're using for this game and how it is for you? The game plays perfect for me except for the sound which stutters/is choppy sometimes/speeds up at random times. Thanks!
SPU2-X 1.2.0 is the sound plugin and it works fine for me.

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