Graphics Card Question
looking to do some small upgrades and wondering on graphics.

Is nvidia cards still better than ATI cards when using PCSX2?

Was looking at getting a HD4890. If Nvidia cards are still superior im just gonna keep hold of my GTX 260. Im upgrading my mid range rig so was thinking of maybe getting the 4890 and putting my 260 in the other rig.

I know the whole bang for buck thing with the ATI cards which shines on normal D3D games but wondering more on PCSX2 as I know ATI cards weren't all that great on it compared to Nvidia cards.


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Just wondering, are you upgrading for PCSX2 benefits only? I there a game you can't run smoothly with that hardware?
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If you can't run a game with those system specs then forgot about getting a new graphic card because something is just not right there. You should get like full speed on every game (except those who still have alot of speed issues...).
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im gonna be upgrading to an i7 system soon and pretty much gonna be using the parts I have now in my other system, but I need to get another gfx card as the 7600GT in my other system needs replacing so I was thinking of getting a HD4890 for my main then move the 260 to the other system or another 260. Just last I heard ATI cards with PCSX2 are not great.

Im upgrading my main system with i7 since I do alot of encoding/graphic work, was gonna upgrade my processor for a quad but not worth spending 200+ on a high end quad when I can spend around 500 and fully upgrade to an i7 which is better than a QX.

ATI cards are no longer slower than Nvidia ones with the recent GSDX releases
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i bought an ATI card for the first time about a year ago (the one i'm still using), and i must say that the hardware is great, but the software is complete crap. i'm not going to buy from ATI again unless they start to get more on top of their video driver updates n'such.

so yeah, my advice would be to go for the nvidia card because they seem to support their cards more than ATI does.
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yea that is pretty much what put me off ATI cards since the 9xxx series. The drivers were just never up to scratch. I think ill just get another 260 there dirt cheap now and still give great performance the jump from 260 to 280 isn't worth the price tag and the 295 is plagued with heating problems so ill just stick with a 260 in each system until dx11 cards come out.


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