Graphics Glitch in Dragon Quest 8 (NTSC)
Hi everyone,

I am working at getting videos of all of Dragon Quest 8's cut-scenes and for the most part, it is working great. For some reason though, any time it cuts to one of those sepia toned cut-scenes (usually a flash-back sequence) the graphics get a bit glitchy. I'll explain what I mean by "glitchy" in just a moment.

I find that if I use Direct3D9 (Hardware) for the renderer in such cases, I get a mostly sepia colored screen with no objects on it (despite the fact that this renderer works perfectly well for all other scenes I capture. If I switch to Direct3D9 (software) for the renderer in these sepia tone scenes, the scenes render properly (I can see what is happening), but it is still plagued by graphical glitches.

To see an example of what I mean, check out this video and skip ahead to the 1 minute, 21 seconds mark:

So, I am sure you will need to know what I am running so here are the details:

- PCSX2 Official version 0.9.8
- Windows XP Professional 64-bit O/S

CPU Info:
[Image: CPU_Stuff.png]

GPU Info:
[Image: GPU_Info.png]

[Image: Memory_Stuff.png]

Plugins Used:
[Image: Settings07.png]

Graphics Plugin Settings:
[Image: Settings06.png]

Other settings:
[Image: Settings01.png]

[Image: Settings02.png]

[Image: Settings03.png]

[Image: Settings04.png]

[Image: Settings05.png]

So, if anyone can give me some suggestions on how I might get around this, I would really appreciate it.

If there is nothing I can do without updating my system somehow, I may see if any generous soul here would be willing to take a crack at the 2 or 3 sepia-toned scenes for me. I have save states that will zip you right to the spot where the scenes begin. Anyway, hopefully it won't come to that.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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Upload the savestate, please.
Sure thing. Here it is. Talk to the nun to begin the cut-scene.
Yeah... That state is not loading, dude. I'm recieving an error message stating that it's probably corrupt.

If you wanna try remaking a state once more, I could try again for ya.

Otherwise, I could just suggest a couple things that may fix it, but on my end, I can also check if it's just a side-effect of DX9. The fact that it looks right in software mode is not surprising, though.
Ok, you can try this one. I can't imagine it would work any better than the last one though since I produced it in the same way.

Who knows though? Maybe we'll get lucky. If it doesn't work, I can make a mem card save at the priest just behind that nun. You should be able to load that no problem. I won't be able to do that until tomorrow though.

Thanks for your help!
Ok, same issue, but I have a thought on why.

Whenever I get a state from you, it keeps coming with an under-score instead of a space (right before the parentheses). Perhaps the site you upload to is needing to remove all spacing in the filename, and it is corrupting it when doing so (since renaming it back isn't fixing it).

I know this may be feeling repetitive, but I believe if you ZIP the file before uploading, there will be no need for the upload site to rename the state file itself (just the archive file's name).
It is a know issue, go to ur ini folder, search for the GSDX.ini add the allowshack=1 line, now in the GSDX window set skipdraw to 2.

U are going to loose the sepia tone, but u are going to be capable to see all the scene without the issues.

have fun!
Well, that certainly worked. I don't miss the sepia tone to be honest. This stuff looks better in full color.

Thanks to you both for the help! Here is the video again, this time with the sepia tone layer gone:

I know this is an old thread and I am probably doing a necro here(a bad thing so I'm told) but I am having a little issue.
Some of the sprites in the game seem to disappear leaving only floating weapons.(Namely Jessica and Angelo but Jessica seems to have fixed itself)
Any idea what might cause this?
Ummmm I might upload some screen shots to show my settings and the problem in action if I knew how.
Sorry but I am still kinda new around here. Sad
you can create a new thread describing your problem. that would get you better support Smile
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