Graphics Plugin Won't Load (may not be fixable)
I'm hoping to get PCSX2 running on my laptop so I can play my PS2 games when I travel. It's possible that hardware limitations may prevent me from doing so, but the computer in question has comfortably run more than one piece of software that...wouldn't report that it could run comfortably.

The graphics plugin is refusing to load because it says it either isn't compatible with the hardware or the drivers. This probably has something to do either with the DirectX updater that it wants me to use (I have 11 installed already but am using modified drivers, so that's a no-go) or the fact that the graphics setup on my computer is...unusual...and software often reports back saying it's incapable of things that I've seen it do.

How casual is the compatibility check? Is there some way of skipping it or making the plugin attempt to load? Should I go on a search for alternate plugins? Could it just be a problem with the drivers?

I'll accept it if it's something I just shouldn't mess with or if it's honestly not possible. But if it isn't a hardware problem and all I need to do is change some of the drivers I use or bypass a software check, I'd love to get the emulator working...and maybe finish playing some games Smile.

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The compatibility check is pretty leniant... but if you have to ask if your laptop can run pcsx2, you can almost certainly be guaranteed a resounding no.

The only reason why the graphics plugin wouldn't show up is because you're missing the latest directX, or your drivers aren't showing a GPU possible of shader model 2.0 or greater.

That said, if you don't have at least a mid-range modern GPU capable of hardware DX 10/11 support and a 3+ghz dual/tri/quad/hex core you won't get good results in 99% of PS2 games.
Thanks. Looking at the list of graphics cards that do and don't work well with it, I should have probably come to that conclusion for's possible that the report is incorrect as to the shader model, but chances are games wouldn't run too well anyway even though the plugin should technically be compatible.

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