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Graphics Pop-Up
I've noticed that in PCSX2, there appears to be some graphics pop-up. For example, in NFS: Hot Pursuit 2, signposts pop-up; in 3-D platformer games, platforms and structures pop-up. While it is not really noticeable, I don't recall graphics pop-up being present on the actual PS2.
Is graphics pop-up only present in PCSX2, or have I not been paying attention when playing on the real console?
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do you have something to compare it? videos of ps2 and pcsx2. it might be you imagine it not being that obvious.

sure... it could also be glitches. popup are usually fogged or alpha blended. might be worth a look. but...

really check first. Wink
It's likely that popups you are seeing are not noticeable on PS2 b/c low resolution, but in high res on PCSX2 are much more noticeable.
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