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Hello all,

My first time on here, just looking for some help. I decided to break out my PS2 for the first time in ages, turns out it doesn't work any more, so now I'm trying to play Black on the PCSX2 emulator. Basically my problem is that the graphics are terrible and I have tried all the different possible variations of messing around with the configurations. My PC spec is as follows:
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9950 2.6GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR 2 1066MHz
Gfx Card: Nvidia GTX 275 876MB

Not the worst system in the world, so should be able to handle this game no problem I would have thought.
I've attached a screenshot of the type of graphics I am receiving and the low framerate. The sound is proportionally as slow as the gameplay is - very!
I'm using the Gsdx SSE2 plugin as the others aren't supported by my CPU, the ZeroGS plugin doesn't work at all with the game, it's just a black screen but you can hear the sound. Have tried both Direct3D 10 and 9 both software and hardware.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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software mode SOMEWHAT works, but hardware does not. ( I don't even think new svns work)
Go to teh plugins pages, the top one is your graphics one and if you click the configuration button next to it it will bring up another window and the second option down is interlacing, try all the modes in that
Thanks for the replies guys.
I have tried the software renderer, it looks a little better but it gives me 10 fps or there abouts, which is about 6 times slower than the game is supposed to be, maybe there is something in my BIOS that is inhibiting virtualisation or emulation or something, because that's not right. The opening cutscene in the game seems to run nicely, but when you are delivered to the first part of the game that you actually get to do anything in, the framerate drops to this. I have attached a screenshot of what it is like in software mode.
Have tried all the different interlacing modes but they don't make any difference whatsoever.
Cheers again people/

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As the name suggests software only uses your CPU power for emulating the GS. That gets also added to the rest of the emulator which requires only CPU power as well, so those kinds of speeds are normal when using it. If you want to understand why, read the Why PCSX2 is slow thread noted in the FAQ
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You can try skipdraw=5 (GSdx > Hacks subsection in the configuration guide if you don't know how to enable it) but it will also remove the health bar so not exactly the best solution, however take in count that you have a slow CPU so there's not much you can do about the speeds you get currently.
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