Graphics and speed issues
Hello, I recently got PCSx2 and tried playing it with "Destroy all humans!" but as I played it, there were many graphical glitches, textures messed up, and there was a darker tint to places on the screen. I closed it and a while later I tried playing Ratchet and Clank, the issues I have here are graphical bugs and speed issues. The game is running slowly and the textures are all messed up, I'm not sure how to fix it, any help please?

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Software mode is need for destroy all humans

Also you need to tell use your specs, it could be slow for reason
(04-30-2016, 01:16 AM)tsunami2311 Wrote: Software mode  is need for destroy all humans

Also you need to  tell use your specs, it could be  slow for reason

what exactly do you mean by Specs? What exactly do I need to provide?
pc hardware? all of it?
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
(04-30-2016, 01:36 AM)Nobbs66 Wrote: pc hardware? all of it?

Core: Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

What else do I need?
Ratchet and Clank graphical issues are due to hardware rendering mode not supporting mipmapping properly, software rendering is required for mipmapping to work, but this also requires a fairly powerful CPU to maintain reasonable framerates. My laptop has an identical CPU to yours, and I've noticed there's a fair amount of slowdown when things get busy on screen even with 3 software rendering threads, which unfortunately can't really be helped. Best case scenario is make sure you don't have any other CPU-intensive tasks running while the game's running, and make sure your laptop's power setting is configured to high-performance mode and that your laptop is plugged in.
For "daa", there are some fix in a github pull request (it might not fix fully the game). Hopefully I will manage to merge it within a week.

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