Graphics are weird MOH help please!
ummm first of all person who closed my last topic down i took da BIO from my FREINDS PS2.
i recentley downloaded PCSX2 0.9.7 full. I downloaded it becauses i dont have a PS2 but some games. well i have MOH frontline and european assault, and they glitch really weird it is very slow when there is lots going on in the screen and particulary smoke and explosions/gunshots there are some levels that run full speed. European assault weirder as the color is completely stuffed up, and slow. i tried the games on 0.9.5 the graphics are perfect and not glitchy but the game runs slower then it does on 0.9.7. And i cant add word files for some stupid reason. i found some information saying that 0.9.5 can run a good deal of games at a normal speed if u overclock your CPU to 3.5ghz. how to do this plz?. simpley Frontline the people have parts or chuncks out of them as well as terrain. european assault there are flat boxes everywhere the guns are black or white flashing.

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Only your friend has a right to use that BIOS since he owns that PS2, you're using it illegally.
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Quote:down i took da BIO from my FREINDS PS2
Quote:I downloaded it becauses i dont have a PS2

means you don't own that bios. Your friend does.
thus, you are using it illegally.
closed & warned again
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