Graphics card requirement
I've downloaded the PCSX2 FAQ for 0.9.6 and have a question regarding the graphics card requirement listed. It says that the recommended GPU is 8600gt or better. As I am a complete and total noob, I'm not sure if my graphics card is good enough.

I'm assuming 8600gt or better is referring to GeForce 8600 GT series of graphics cards. My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 4350. It will be running on a 3 GHz CPU with 4 GB of RAM. The OS is Windows XP. I'm sorry if this is an inane question, but I honestly have no idea how the Radeon brand compares to the GeForce brand.

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HD 4350 is slower than the 8600gt, and about "I honestly have no idea how the Radeon brand compares to the GeForce brand." a simple "8600gt vs hd 4350" would have sufficed I guess Tongue

The recommended card is relative tho you could have good enough speed on your games using latest versions of PCSX2 and GSdx and like using "native" resolution in GSdx for example-

What games are you aiming to play?
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I would mostly be playing JRPGs like the Kingdom Hearts series, FF, and Xenosaga... So I'm assuming that, since these games aren't as GPU intensive as others, it shouldn't be too bad?
The Kingdom Hearts and FF series games aren't too demanding.

However, the Xenosaga games ALL require extremely high-end specs. We're talking HIGH. Don't ask why, no one really knows. o.o
Hm... Ok, thanks to both Shadow Lady and Raiser.
well, you can be sure that kingdom hearts will run (I managed to run it on an old P4 @ 2.66 ghz without hyper threading and an intel gma 900, it runned at 35 fps xD), about the rest dont have them, but with some tweaking they will run
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try search the net hd2600 vs hd4350, if the performance is close or better then native is possible with decent speed but you need vista/7 dx10. ( i just hope your 3Ghz cpu is a C2D or C2Q )
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