Graphics prob.
i don't know if this is my graphics card or pcsx2 but whenever a monster uses fire and only fire in ffx the fps drops and also when the screen is zoomed out like the fps is also dropped because of the background, especially the mi'hen highroad i'm wondering if you could help me, can't post specs now gotta go off but i will post it if requested later, Thanks

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There are a few locations in FFX where the game will slow way down like that. Not only FFX, but a few other games too that use certain graphic effects.

Depending on your graphics card you make be able to mess with some GSDx settings to improve it... or you can try lowering your internal res (many games play flawless for me except for 1 spell or effect at a hi-res, dropping the res down fixes it... it's kind of a juggling game with it)
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my Graphics card is "ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Up to 1408 MB Hypermemory" i'm no expert but i think that sounds okay and my gsdx settings are :

800 x 600 Resolution
Direct 3D10 (Hardware)
Interlacing None
Aspect Ratio 16:9
DVD Internal Res, checked native
unchecked allow 8 bit textures

anything i need to change or wrong with that? Thanks in advance
Afraid you've bet wrongly on that horse Auron. That's a lot end card that uses system memory for video. While not scraping the bottom of the bucket low end, it's almost that bad so I don't think there is a whole lot you could do with that system.

You could try and older version of GSDX (revision 1398 works good for me). Or if you're still using PCSX2 0.9.6 you can try updating to beta 0.9.7rev 1888 from the beta section of the downloads.
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well ty for info i'm getting the windows 7 upgrade soon so i expect even the tiniest bit up in the performance department but ty for looking into this and also do you know how to run an iso file from the emulator without having to mount it on a virtual drive?
Select "Linuz ISO cdvd" as cdvd plugin then launch the games normally with either "file > run cd/dvd" or "run > execute" and select the iso.
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well i used software mode on gsdx and the fire spell fps got fix..
no prob when ifrit using hellfire tho..
but summoning shiva is a reaaaaaalllllyyyy slooooowwwww scene..

well not so sure bout ur specs cz i play it on my laptop and seems fine with me..
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That problem is well known, in general Software Mode is slow rather than Hardware Mode especially your cpu only have dual core. your cpu just barely fine and your onboard gpu is suck, this is your main problem.
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