Graphics problem
I have a problem with graphics in the 0.9.8 version of pcsx2

The game is Smackdown vs RAW 2011

In 0.9.6 the game looked like this:

[Image: 096fa.jpg]

And in 0.9.8 it looks like that:

[Image: 098qf.jpg]

The problem is with the effects of fire, mist and smoke (which doesn't appear in this scene). It appears that the 0.9.8 version renders the original size of this effects and also adds much bigger ones on the scene.

I have enabled and disabled various speed hacks in 0.9.8, also I have tried to use the older version of GSdx plugin (taken from the 0.9.6 version, where it worked correctly) with the same settings as in 0.9.6, but nothing has changed.

In all other aspects the 0.9.8 version runs much better for me, and only this thing troubles me. Please help.

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So the emulator is adding affects that aren't there natively?

Is that a scene of a particular entrance?
This one is from the entrance of the Undertaker, smoke and fire appears also in other entrances as well as Inferno match.

These effects are natively in this scene, what the emulator adds is some kind of second, much bigger version of these effects, in this particural scene the mist is all over the crowd, and originally it only surrounds the ring on a ground level (like in the first screen), also the fires should be very small and in 0.9.8 they are huge, as if the whole arena would explode

The game is of course playable, I just don't understand why something that was working good in 0.9.6 is not working as it should in 0.9.8
You're sure the 0.9.6 is the correct display and not 0.9.8? It seems unlikely that PCSX2 would just double render at a larger size...

Out of curiosity, how does the effect look in software mode (F9) in comparison (besides the fact that it'll obviously be lower resolution, is the effect still present in the new version? Is the effect suddenly present in the old version?)
I am pretty sure the 0.9.6 has the correct look. The guys holding the torches in 0.9.8 have fires larger than themselves, which would be very strange.

It also seems that only some parts of these effects are larger (something like one out of 5 is rendered much bigger and the rest is normal) but it is hard to guess the exact number of 'normal' and 'bigger' effects.

In software mode the situation looks exactly the same, that is no 'big' effects in 0.9.6 and appearance of them in 0.9.8
"It's ike this in 0.9.6.", "It's like that in 0.9.8."...

What does it look like on your PS2? Wink
Unfortunatelly I don't have a PS2, I know that this disqualifies me, but I don't have the money to spend on console + TV (I watch TV through a TV card on a PC, but it's impossible to connect the console to it) just to play this one game, and Smackdown vs RAW is not released on PC. So that's the only way for me, and I can only hope that you could still help, and don't hate me for what I did.
I don't hate you. Smile
...I just can't help you at this point. Sad

Don't worry though; the area is not gonna explode. Wink
I appreciate not hating me Smile

I have started the thread, because maybe there is some kind of bug in the 0.9.8 version that makes this graphics appear to be bad, and maybe somebody knows what is it. As I said earlier, in other aspects like the in-game movies or no need to use the cycle rate speedhacks anymore to achieve 35-40 fps (which is good considering my pc) the new version is a great improvement over the 0.9.6 for me.

And if the game should look like that, then maybe somebody will say that it does
(05-13-2011, 11:05 PM)letom Wrote: Unfortunatelly I don't have a PS2

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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