Graphics problems with Final Fantasy X.
Alright I will start off with my specs

CPU - AMD Athlon 5400+ (2.83Ghz)
RAM - 2Gb Kingston 800Mhz
Graphics Card - ASUS HD3450 (512Mhz)

Anyway the gameplay is fine when i am walking around, but once it gets to a cutscene like the Blitzball scene at the start (with the good song) it plays about 3 seconds fine and then skip a few seconds and repeats, and the sound does the same, just wondering if anyone can help me fix this.

Need any more info just let me know.

Oh and I am trying to play the game off the PAL Disc (SCES 50490)

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If you go to Config > CPU, is Frame Skip selected? If it is, select Normal or Limit and see if that fixes things.
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create an iso image of your game disc with imgburn. do not mount this iso image with deamon tools or something similar, run it with linuziso as your cdvd plugin or "file->run iso image".
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