Grapic plugin question
I am newbie, please forgive my foolish question

Do the PCSX2 have the plugin for AMD 3DNOW2?

the intel core can support SSSE3 /SSSE4 ....then how about AMD??

Because i use AMD dual Core 2.8, 4GB ram 800, Geforce 9500 GS 512MB
but run the KOF 02UM only around 35fps. I don't know why it is so slow.

Anyone can help me? Thank you so much!

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The special instructions for intel only consist of speedups in a few areas, the actual difference of the plugins isn't very much, and certainly not worth 25fps.

That said, your slowdowns are most likely associated with your CPU. Many games require dual cores at 3.5ghz or greater and this game is likely one of them.

Also, you posted in the wrong section of the forum. This question is not site related at all, it should have been posted in the plugins section of the forum.
Yep, with AMD you are stuck with SSE2, but it's not a significant difference to SSE4.1.

Both your CPU and graphics card are a bit weak, especially if your CPU is an older architecture (AMD 64 x2 or Phenom I).

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