Grayed-out options in PCSX2 in Qt builds
Some options and tabs in settings are grayed out for no reason. for example the "Hide Mouse Cursor" option in "interface" section of the settings, "Hardware Fixes" and "Upscaling Fixes" Tabs in Graphics Section. even the language menu won't open when i click on it.

i looked at the app's folder, i think the UI configs are written in an .ini file inside "inis" folder. i checked the file and found nothing written regarding hide mouse cursor.

Another thing is, when i extract and open the app for the first time it gives me an error about incorrect configs and fixes them.

I can't upload the PCSX2.ini file here. but maybe it helps to find what's wrong!
it's the only file in "inis" folder.

logs folder is also empty.
Does anyone else have these problems?

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There is a reason they're greyed out , they aren't implemented.
The languages are empty because we haven't even done the English strings for most things yet, translations will come.

If you want the logs you can enable it by going to Debug->Enable File Logging.

As we've said where we can, the new Qt interface is a work in progress, there's things missing or not working properly, we're working through it.
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(05-26-2022, 03:55 PM)refraction Wrote: There is a reason they're greyed out , they aren't implemented.

Excuse me, i think you made a mistake.
i've checked other threads, tried what @IPlayWithHex said then Hardware and upscaling fix tabs became available.
"Manual Hardware Renderer Fixes" must be checked.

Thanks for replying anyway.

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