Great NOOB here can´t play TT
Hi this site was very interesting i tried to understand all the guide you made is very well made but, my case is not a normal one and to add to it I can´t get this PS2 emulator to work.

So i really need a very compreensive and calm (sometimes I yell but don´t bite XD) to explain how to get this to work.

I have a PS2 slim i swear, so old that finally PUFF, the eye is not moving anymore.

So the solution i found was emulator

but to start my computer is:

A windows XP home
with AMD athlon 64 processor 3500+ 2.21GHZ and 2GB RAM

then another prob, one day long ago i could play in an emulator... with a lot of image bugs and slow like hell.. but i could...

So when i bought this ridiculous new graphic card HD 4850 i said: now is going to work.

1st problem: i checked the list

HD 4850 RV 770 PCI-E 512MB GDDR3 625 MHz 993 MHz / 256 Bit 16 / 800 DX10.1, PS4.1, VS4.1

DX10... can´t run it on XP.. yes and no.. i found this crazy DX10 to XP made by some smart guy and the system didn´t bothered me more to update the directx but... still

I see the blue screen with some sound disturbances because XA2 found problems and didn´t gave me any sound.
and then CRASH!
error details:

AppName: pcsx2 0.9.6.exe AppVer: ModName: gsdx-sse2.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00268a7e


PS: no the graphic card doesnt show me any DX10 plug in to select, maybe cause i am XP.


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I suggest you uninstall that DX10 to XP thing because it probably wont work for pcsx2 and just update your DirectX:

Also if the Xaudio2 module in the SPU2-X plugin doesn't work try with the DirectSound module.
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DX10 for XP does not work. That's what's giving you the crashes.
You also might want to update your computer, else you won't have much fun with PCSX2 Tongue2
why? before I uninstall it there is another problem sorry i forgot to mention, when i tried pcsx2 first i didn´t had the directx 10, and he said me to update my directX but i already have the last directx 9 i guess Wacko is the one that came with my graphic card.

Still crashes TT
(01-19-2010, 11:01 PM)Greenfire Wrote: ...he said me to update my directX but i already have the last directx 9 i guess Wacko

You guess or you know? The latest update for DirectX is August 2009 and I posted a link to the updater already so unless you're sure It would be best to update.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
if your pc tells you to upgrade directX, you do it!

its that simple Tongue

i have dx11 on windows 7 and i had to do the same thing. I guess the reason for that is, that MS upgraded directx, but it wasnt such a big upgrade that a new version number was required! So something like DX9.004 to DX9.005 - just to illustrate what i mean^^

But anyway, emulators such as pcsx2 are very demanding for your hardware, especially for your processor. So unfortunately your new Radeon 4850 (which is very good, i have the same) will do you not much good for pcsx2 because its a very processor depending program and you CPU is ok i guess, but wont be enough to make Pcsx2 really fun Sad

If you really want to enjoy ps2 games without fiddling about many settings with every game i woudn't recommend pcsx2 anyway. Because playing around with things and try out this and that and wanting to learn and understand how it works is part of the deal, and i love it, actually i enjoy that just as much or even more than playing the game Smile And provided you have a decent system u can get almost anything to work with some version of the emulator and the right settings.
Yes, that processor needs an upgrade if you want to run PCSX2 at playable speeds.
It's a fairly slow single core processor and the recommended requirements is a dual core with 3.2GHZ speed.

Anyways, M$ release these updates for DirectX once every 3 full moon or so. They are required if you want to run PCSX2 (the latest version anyway).
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I did as the shadow lady said, i updated with her link, still crashes Wacko i think ps2 emulator isn´t for my computer at all then, but is stupid cause i could play years ago with a lot worse graphic card, the game had a sucking details but at least worked Wacko
Your graphics card hasn't got much to do with how well PCSX2 runs. It's mostly down to the processor.
Did you uninstall DX10 to XP as suggested before updating DX9?
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Sim Wacko i mean Yes XD but the problem became the same, i think is easy to understand this graphic card never was "meant" to be used on a XP ;S

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