Green Screen on FF12 and DX11
Hello everyone.

If you can write with a good english, I thanks you ! (I'm French Laugh)

So, I've a probleme with PCSX2...

This is my Config:

DX11 - Windows 7
2 Go DDR2
1.67Ghz Dual




I want to play FF12. But, with any configuration, i have a GREEN SCREEN after the PLAYSTATION 2 Screen ! >_<

And, I can't set DX11 or DX10 with the GSdx 1873 (MSVC 15.00, SSE3) 0.1.15, because i have this message: Error Opening GS Plugin... But, with DX9, after the PLAYSTATION SCREEN, i've a Green Screen... T.T

But I've the sound ! xDDD

Can you help me, or need you some informations ?

Thanks all !

OverSu :3

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What kind of graphics card do you have? You don't really say. That said... DX11 mode is not supported beta it's an early beta feature and is therefore quite buggy, often times slower than DX10 mode, and doesn't offer a single benefit over DX10 currently.

Make sure your DirectX is updated to the august redistribution. Just because you have "DirectX 11" doesn't mean that's it's fully up to date.
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Chances are that you have an integrated graphics card, which is why DX 10 and DX11 modes aren't working at all, while DX 9 mode works somewhat. That, and you probably haven't updated your DirectX. Google the DirectX web installer, or the August 2009 Redist.
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Gret Thanks !

I've a nVIDIA 7300 Go.

And when i watn to install DirectX (August 2009), it says:

"Your directX is already update. Nothing will be change." (It's my translation... xD)

So... T.T

And for my Green SCreen Problem ? Have you an idea ? :o

And, where can I find the NEWEST PCSX2 ? In the website ?

Thanks ! Laugh
Quote:And, where can I find the NEWEST PCSX2 ? In the website ?
Make sure to backup your memcards before installing.

No idea about a green screen, sounds like something very wrong. Try this beta first
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I've download the newest DX, and the newest PCSX2.

It's works !

Thanks everyone Smile


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