A little help, In Configuration, and other things

System Specs: (From My computer/Dxdiag

Ibm Corporation(Thinkpad)
Intel® Pentium® M
Processor 1.50GHZ
1.50 GB of ram

Microsofpt Windows XP SP3
Directx 9.0c
System Model:2373R93

I made sure to read a little bit. Its a little hard for me to understand some of the "Help" Files here, so forgive me. I am currently attempting to get a game KH:II To work. It is horribly slow, and my computer does not support pixel 2.0(supports 0.0). I found a nifty patch or program that makes it run, Swiftshader was it?

-How Can I make this work good? Or decently, right now it takes a...Long time, about what? 10 FPS, and below. as well as other horrible things. It looks like it is rendering right, (Looks right) But is to slow.

-How can I make this go faster?
-How can I make it render good if it starts to turn bad?
-It does not have to be "Perfect", but at least a little above decent. How can I configure it to work better? Im a lay person, so instructions please?
---After I get my answers I will go far far FAR away, and never return Smile

Thank You.

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the only way you will improve this is to get a new pc
My Notebook is that bad then? Anyway to improve the speed by a little bit, or it dosen't matter?
It is that bad. You can pretty much give up getting KHII at playable speed with that laptop.
Ah. Ok. And Final Fantasy is a No also?

I have another computer. No OS on it, but could it work? AMD Athlon 2cores, 64 bit. 6 Gigs of ram(There was a vista on their, but it was even slower than trying to play this game...I can get win7/xp on it?)

Well, What games Could I play on here, or should I just uninstall and get my other computer fixed?
My pc will barley play KH2 at full speed on some older revisions, now it just barely keeps at 60, so that's your benchmark, mine's a 2.2 dual (which clocks to ~4.9 monocore)

vista in general is slow, if you have win7, use it
Currently That PC Has no OS. Which would be better to chose, XP or win7? And will that Athlon/and 6 gigs...Hm, yours is similar then? So even if I get that computer up, it will still be horribly slow?
7 would be best for that pc. and later SVNs have greatly improved, so if you use only the beta, yes, for now it will be. if you compile new revisions, no.
Thank You. I will go Aquire a WIN7 Disc. That should fix my 368/2 days Emu problems to...When I do play it, will my graphics look decent(Like if I was playing it on a regular ps2?) And truly Thank You.

at native, yes

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