Greetings (New User) questions.
Hello. I have recently got back into emulation and have been testing out all of the newest releases etc. So far I have managed to get the majority if not all to run stably on my laptop.

Regarding PCSX2 1.0 I have found some challenges and I am unsure if it will run on this machine. I have managed to get another emulator that plays wii games to run "okay" on my system, Skyward Sword has a bit of slowness but otherwise runs so I figured that PSX2 shouldn't be an issue.

I am using a dell latitude e6410 intel core i5 m520 @2.40 ghz (supposed speed boost up to 3.06 when needed) with 4 gb ram,nvidia nvs 3100m,windows 7 ultimate 64bit,dx11 installed. I have tried configuring along with the configuration guide provided to me as well as a couple utube videos which do not seem to fix my main issue. "Slow motion" at some points I can get up to 60 fps but other times it drops down to 30 fps. Granted this is attempted on one game "Dirge of Cerberus", menus load up quickly and crisply but I get the slow motion speech in cut scenes and game play the sound is off too.

So I guess my question is. With the GFX I am running is there a way to play my ps2 games as I would on my ps2 or is this the best I am going to get with what I have? Thanks for any and all help.


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for the most part you shouldn't have any trouble. I would run software mode with 3 threads myself though, for DoC at least
the normal speed is 60 fps. if u can achieve it then things are ok

in the graphics plugin config use directx 10 or 11 hardware mode. tick native resolution. that should give u speed. also turn on speedhacks if u need more speed
DoC is very demanding, You could try using the MTVU speedhack to speed things up but ultimately it's down to the processor clock speed.

The PS2 requires a lot more juice for emulation than the gamecube/wii does.
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I think your cpu bit weak.
just endure it. hopefully other games will be faster

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