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I've been looking for a solution for the problem with Growlanser 2 but none of the solutions seem to work, even the pause / unpause trick doesnt work when it hangs in the black screen (after a fight ends) anyone happen to know a way to be able to play this game without random lock ups?

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Try using the gameindex or patch files in here:

If you've been using savestates the patch won't work at all so you'll need to use your last memcard save.
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Thank you very much for the reply, regarding the issue I am still having problems by the end of a fight the game locks up for some reason Sad (I used a regular game save instead of a state save to load) Maybe I should enable the "Disable MPEG" thing next time... I'm so tired of doing the same mission over and over again lol

edit: I tried with the disable MPEG thing and still froze at the end of the fight, in the transition from the fight to the world map :/

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